Awards and Nominations

Nominated at the Lions Film Fsstival in Cannes,1992.

1.price at the Nordic comercial Festival 1993.

Winner "tv-photographer of the year"1994.

"Bathso" 1.price in category drama Le Grand Prix Danube 1999.

B-photographer on 3 episodes of  "rejseholdet",  Emmy Awarded serie for Danish national television 2002.
1.price Nordic Child and youth Drama 2006.

Japan Price Festival(Unicefprice)2006.

The City of Basel 1.Prize for school and youth television 2007.

Emea Silver 2007.

Nominated to the main price at Japan Price Festival 2009.

"The Youth jury price" at Bakaforum i Basel 2009.

Lately: "ON THE RUN" Sprockets Toronto International Film Festival for Children, still running feb 2010

 Movies that Matter Festival , Amnesty Film Days in Amsterdam "On the run"  still running feb 2010