Henrik Kloch, photographer, born in Viborg, Denmark. He currently lives and works in Copenhagen.

Henrik Kloch has worked in almost every sphere of photography and video, including underwater.
Replaced early on his dream of press photography with advertising work and a long-standing recruitment of the Danish National Televisions Youth Department.

He has allways been dedicated to photographic projects with children and young people, specializing in drama and film projects in third world countries.

Henrik Kloch has a sophisticated sense for style and environment, and credits his diverse experiences in life as having an extremely influential impact on his work.
His many trips to third world countries provided him with a unique perception into the human spirit.
He utilizes this heightened intuition to enhance his portrayal of the personalities he films and  photographs. It is the "divine nature of each individual" that Henrik Kloch strives to capture through the lens.

The culmination of Henrik Klochs personal and professional history enables him to see, bring forth, and capture the essence radiating from within each subject.